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Moyland, Stephenson: Keep states out of Utah’s pockets

May 2

Andrew Moylan (VP, National Taxpayers Union) and Howard Stephenson (President, Utah Taxpayers Association) published an op-ed in the Desert News. Over the past several years, consumers have been downloading digital products such as mobile phone applications, music, e-books and digital videos at an increasingly rapid pace. So much so that Apple, one of the largest […]

Get the Facts on Digital Goods

Apr 26

The digital economy is one of the bright spots in America’s economic recovery. The widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets have allowed consumers to access a wide array of new products and services, while giving innovators new platforms to develop the next great product. In fact, this year alone may see over 15 billion mobile […]

CTIA Applauds Senate Finance Committee

Apr 25

Following the Senate Finance Committee hearing yesterday, Brian Johnston, director of advocacy for MyWireless.org, said in a statement, “Today’s committee proceedings were a shining example in a dead-locked Washington of pro-taxpayer, pro-consumer, and completely bipartisan compromise across the aisle….The ‘Digital Goods and Services Tax Fairness Act’ shows that Senators clearly understand the fairness of consumers […]

ATR, Chamber Submit Letter Supporting Digital Goods Framework

Apr 25

On April 25, a number of prominent tax groups submitted a letter to Members of the Senate Finance Committee in support of the Digital Goods and Services Tax Fairness Act (S.971). The groups’ letter came on the same day that the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing “Tax Reform: What It Means for State and […]

Taxpayers Protection Alliance: US Needs National Framework

Apr 18

In a recent blog post, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance highlighted an emerging problem in the digital economy and called on Congress to create a national framework for the taxation of digital goods and services. “With many states mandated to balance their budgets and many state legislatures reluctant to cut wasteful government spending, states and localities […]

CTIA, Providers Urge Action on Digital Goods Legislation

Apr 18

Steve Largent, president and CEO of CTIA – The Wireless Industry, along with CEOs from six of the nation’s largest wireless providers: AT&T, Cellcom, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon, sent a letter to Chairman Baucus and Ranking Member Hatch of the Senate Finance Committee urging the committee to take action on the Digital Goods […]

GameStop Looks to Digital Goods for Business Growth

Mar 30

America’s largest video game retailer is recognizing the growing market for digital goods. The retailer recently announced that it will partner with Activision Blizzard to begin selling digital games and in-game goods.   According to InvestorPlace, the firm is hoping that digital products can make up for decline sales of physical games.   However, standing […]

Tax Madness

Mar 16

March is a great month. The winter snows turn to warmer days and sunlight returns to the late evenings. Best of all, every March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, America’s toast to good luck and green beer coincides with college sports’ annual March Madness Tournament. Indeed, beer and basketball are to March what turkey is to […]

Guest Blog Post: TechAmerica

Mar 12

Mobile devices are quickly changing the way we live – everything from how we bank to how we communicate and how we are entertained. The proliferation of mobile devices has even spawned entirely new products and services, including digital movies and music and healthcare applications. The result: a $2.1 billion marketplace where billions of applications […]

Coalition Members Send Letter to Hill Leaders

Mar 9

Members of the Download Fairness Coalition sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leaders Pelosi and McConnell calling on them to support the Digital Goods and Services Tax Fairness Act. A full copy of the letter is available here.