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Moyland, Stephenson: Keep states out of Utah’s pockets

Andrew Moylan (VP, National Taxpayers Union) and Howard Stephenson (President, Utah Taxpayers Association) published an op-ed in the Desert News.

Over the past several years, consumers have been downloading digital products such as mobile phone applications, music, e-books and digital videos at an increasingly rapid pace. So much so that Apple, one of the largest providers of digital products, recently boasted that an astounding 25 billion apps had been downloaded. For their part, states have not been oblivious to the size of this new market.

New technologies are changing the way Utahns shop for products every day. To the benefit of consumers across the state, the proliferation of broadband Internet and mobile services has made finding the best deals even easier for shoppers. It has also created a marketplace for a whole new range of products — and new sources for elected officials seeking more tax revenue.

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