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MyWireless.org® Joins Legislative Push Seeking Ban for Multiple and Discriminatory State and Local Taxes on ‘Digital Goods and Services’

National wireless consumer advocacy group MyWireless.org® applauded Congress today for the introduction of bipartisan legislation giving consumers a break from potential multiple and discriminatory state and local taxes levied on purchases of digital goods and services.

Brian Johnston, MyWireless.org’s director of advocacy said, “When you buy a book in a bookstore, a DVD movie or a CD at a music store, you pay state and local taxes just once. But if you purchase that same book, movie or music online with your mobile device, you’re vulnerable to potentially several levels of state and local taxation. That’s unfair and is simply outrageous policy. This legislation would establish a sensible framework for how digital goods and services should be fairly taxed at the state and local levels.”