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The Tale of a Frustrated Cyber Shopper

As I wrapped up work late on Monday night, I headed home for a quiet evening and a date with my computer to splurge on some Cyber Monday deals. Last year, nearly half of the American population shopped on Cyber Monday, so I knew I was already late to the deals. To make matters worse, I had also forgotten my charger and needed to wrap up some research before the next morning.

Each year, Cyber Monday spending continues to rise. This year’s total landed at almost $3.5 billion dollars in sales, a new online total. As others browsed on their iPhone, tablets, and mobile devices, I was left wondering the web aimlessly on my dying laptop. With little time to spare and a full cart, I headed to the checkout, but my laptop had other plans. It said goodnight and left me without any online purchases…or my research.

We need Congress to act before its too late and we miss out on the deal, like I did Monday night. Help send on H.R. 1643 and S. 851 to deliver to American consumers a platform for States to be able to decide, with certainty, whether they have the authority, or want to, impose taxes on digital goods and services. Tell your Congressman or Senator that it’s time to hit confirm on these two key bills that protect you from unfair and possibly double taxation when you hit “confirm purchase” for a digital good or service.

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